Epoxy doesn�t dry fast enough

Hi, people:

I'm glassing a S&G Night Heron here in Santa Fe, Argentina. Temperature is now 12-16° C on night and 20-22° C where sunlight.  I´ve glassed the hull 30 hours ago and epoxy is still soft. The mix was ok I think.

My problem is that I am working on a space without three walls, it has roof a one wall only. Then, if wind blows, the dust will stick to the kayak. I´ ve had luck until now, but I am interested in speed up the drying.

Can I, 30 hours ago, expose the hull to the sun for a while without be affraid of outgassing?. What do your recomend to speed up the drying? I´ ve read the "Epoxy in Cold Weather" in Tips Section. May be a polyetilene tent with lights is my best option?

Some photos in http://cid-fdb625df781f8e56.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Tmp

Thanks in advance


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RE: Epoxy doesn�t dry fast enough


 12-16 is a little cold for the epoxy.  It should cure, but will take longer.  I would see if you can add plastic walls to your building space and put some small heaters in there.  I noticed that in my garage with nighttime temps around 10-12 degrees C, it would take a few days for the epoxy to completely cure up. 

Buena suerte con su proyecto!  Este sitio web es un lugar fantastico para recibir respuestas por todas sus preguntas. 


RE: Epoxy doesn�t dry fast enough

Thank Chris!. It´s good to ear that it isn´t abnormal my drying times. I´ll give a try to the plastics walls or a tend with small heaters.

Best Regards.



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