Any ideas on catting these together?

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RE: Any ideas on catting these together?

Honestly, I've sailed cats, and I've designed, and half-built a sail-rig for my Sassafras canoe, but I wouldn't know where to start with a project like that.

One thing I do know is that canoe and 'yak hulls are designed, generally speaking, to work on their own. What I recall, vaguely, about any cat that handled reasonably well was that their 'inboard' lines differed from their 'ouboard' lines (IIRC, outboard was more curved, to acount for their twin-hulled peculiarities).

Probably, and I'm barely more than guessing here, it will depend on your placement of Center of Effort, Center of Lateral Resistance (which depends, I'm thunkin', on how many/much of your two hulls/centerboards/rudders are submerged at any given time), AND, very much, on your sail size.

If your sail is a cruising/coasting sail (ie small), both your hulls will be more-or-less evenly in the water, most of the time. Just normal CoE/CLR math, I'd imagine. On the other hand, if the rig's huge, and you're sailing on Sydney Harbour most of the time, you'll spentd your day on one lee-hull, at 30 knots. Different story, with very diffferent math: Every degree or two of ideal pitch will affect your design, critically...

If you are using parallel, conventional hulls, underpower it, and enjoy the view. But, as I say, I'm waaayyy out of my depth here...!





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