Kevlar instead of Fiberglass?

Starting to research my next project and had a question.  I assume Kevlar is more protective compared to fiberglass.?  I assume you can apply sheets of Kevlar to the hull of the wooden kayaks in the same manner you apply fiberglass, but would this add a lot of weight and what about the cost?  I noticed CLC doesn't even offer Kevlar?  Can someone comment on the comparisons, pro's ,cons, etc. Thanks.

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RE: Kevlar instead of Fiberglass?

Kevlar is a pain to cut, floats in epoxy and sands fuzzy, not smooth.

It provides very good abrasion resistance and tensile strength. It's stronger than glass, weaker than carbon fiber in tension.

It's much more expensive than glass ($20/yd vs. $6/yd).



RE: Kevlar instead of Fiberglass? good information on cabon fiber and kevlar can be found here

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