test fit C18 cockpit - GTA Ontario

Hey everyone.  I picked up the wood for my cockpit coaming yesterday.  I will be installing the Coaming for the WD12 this week, once she is in the water (end of May) I will start on my C18.  Since I have the wood, I was thinking of also cutting my C18 Coaming now so that it is ready. 

Wondering if there is a C18 (or other boat with the same cockpit) in the greater Toronto area that I could visit and have quick test fit/sit.  Getting down to Okumefest is not an option :(... although I have checked my lotto numbers yet :)

Please contact me david at dragonsong dot ca

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Morning David:

I met you @ paddlefest in Toronto yesterday and we were talking about my Ch16 cockpit size, According to the CLC website all the chesapeake series have the same size coaming and fit for a seals 1.7 skirt.

If you want to meet up, send me a date of one of the local paddles and I will arrange to be there for a swap of boats, I am thinking of doing the paddle for a cure in Sept as well.

John H  will be happy with all the sales we made him.


 Let me know.





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