Wax or no Wax on my Duck

My neighbor who turns out lot's of fine wood work projects. insists tha I need to wax my kayak before I put it in the water. 

I think I know the answer:  but I told him I would ask the boat building experts. 

The rack is on the car and I'm rready to roll.  Please tell me I can go paddle. 

 Wishing everyone out there a great week, with lot's of love, peace & ice cream. 

Coaach C. 


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RE: Wax or no Wax on my Duck


I'm giong to assume that you have a varnished boat.  This question has come up a few times and the "experts" agree that although wax will add a layer of protection, when it comes time to repair a scratch or re-varnish after many years of "love", that wax will not be helpful.  If she needs it, a quick sand and a fresh coat of varnish will have her looking like new.  After one year of serious "love" (I get out at least once a month though the winter, couple times a week in the summer), since June last year when I first launched, and she still looks brand new... the parts that have not bounced off hard stuff that is ;)


RE: Wax or no Wax on my Duck

What Dave said. Wax is for furniture, floors and candles, not epoxied boats. Getting it off again when it's repair time will be a serious hassle.

At the very least, wait a few trips before waxing it, just to make sure that you don't need to change anything.

Go paddle!



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