thickness of coaming spacer WD12

The plans say to cut 4 pieces from 9mm ply, that would be a height of 18mm... seems like too much.  Also, not liking the idea of having to buy a piece of 9mm just for the cockpit spacer. 

looking at two layers of 4mm and I'm thinking that might be good enough, perhaps 3 layers.  Wondering what comes in the kit and what other plans builders are doing.

P.S. thanks for everyone's help thus far, just glassed the deck and REALLY happy with the progress to date :-D

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RE: thickness of coaming spacer WD12

If you ever plan to use a cockpit cover or spray skirt you will want 16-18 mm of space under the coaming. It's not much more trouble to build up the coaming with 4mm pieces than to use thicker pieces. -Wes

RE: thickness of coaming spacer WD12

Hi David,

I used a 4 foot x 4 foot piece of 1/4 inch ply to get one cockpit apron and six cockpit coaming spacers.  The layout to cut the parts are shown on the blueprints.  That will give you a stack of three spacers for a total of 18 mm.


RE: thickness of coaming spacer WD12

I am planning on a cover and spray skirt.  I used the width of my finger as the measure on my first boat for lip height... 18mm... hmmmm

Lou, after posting, I checked the plans for my C18 (the next project ;) and it also said 2x9mm, but also suggested the 3x6mm.  since I am not really keen on a 4mm lip, I am going to take your suggestion and buy a sheet of 6mm, make the spacers and lip out of that. 

Thanks all, sure is nice to have such a great support network :-D

RE: thickness of coaming spacer WD12

I am looking at the coaming delema myself in the near future. I ordered my 4mm ply from CLC and the plans and full size templates as well. When I looked at the materials needed it said 3 sheets of 4mm Okume --which I ordered but when I recieved my plans and manual book it showed 2 sheets of 4mm and 1/2 sheet of some thing heavier.May be I looked in the WD 12 materials list instead of the WD 12 Hybrid matrials list-I don't know. The coaming spacer height is one of my concerns and the coaming lip thickness is the other. I have the lip cut from 4mm [no asssembly yet] is this to thin? Is 2 thicknesses of 4mm to thick ? Coaming spacer height of 16mm would take 4 layers of 4mm or 8 peices--any other ways of doing this?---Thanks--CZ

RE: thickness of coaming spacer WD12

I agree that you need some space for a cover or spray skirt. On my WD12 I think the lip is 4 mm and then I added fiberglass to strengthen it and in case of rubbing with the paddle. However, it is more my knuckles that rub, not the paddle.


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