Trailex SUT-250 trailer for sale

Note to potential buyers:

I have a Trailex SUT-250 that I no longer need because I sold my Passagemaker without the trailer. I thought I would convert it to a multi-kayak/SUP carrier, but I haven't found the need for one and it is just sitting in my garage taking up valuable space.

  • I replaced the wheels and tires in 2022 with 12 inch and have the spare, tires only have one short trip on them (~200 miles).
  • Trailer is registered and licensed in South Carolina
  • Trailer is in Greenville, SC, but I am willing to deliver within a days drive, so let's say from Annapolis down to Georgia, we can discuss
  • I can send you photos if you request in email

Current cost from Trailex is ~$2400 w/12in wheels+spare

Asking $1200

You can contact me directly with the button above the post (or respond here)


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RE: Trailex SUT-250 trailer for sale


Thank you CLC for providing providing this service.





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