17' CLC Northeaster Dory and Trailer for sale in Central Texas

Note to potential buyers:


Will be in the Inks Lake Messabout this coming Saturday 10/8/2022
17’ Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) Northeaster Dory

Built in spring 2014.  Sailed Maine, ocean and lakes, Michigan, inland lakes and Lake Michigan, Washington State, inland lakes, Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound.

An ideal boat for just about any weather.  

Copper stitch and glue built at a high level of craftsmanship.

Builder: Curt Dennis, Email:     curt.dennis@msn.com

Designer: John Harris, CLC

Build web site:

It would cost over $7,000 to buy the kit, sails, trailer, etc today
Make an offer!!

The following features were added/options NOT part of original kit:


  • Balanced Lug

  • Tanbark fabric

  • Two reef points with grommeted cringles

  • Lazy jack system with lazy jack halyard to cradle sail when lowered


  • Dual boom downhaul to adjust sail and boom fore and aft for higher pointing

  • All lines led aft to Harken turning blocks on mast partner.

  • Cheek block on top of mast for “fast drop” sail


  • Rope epoxyed into all leading edges for a lifetime of wear

  • Inner rail with 3” blocks to provide many tie-off locations

  • Bow eye extra reinforced

  • Bottom paint is Petit Vivid red

  • Hull is painted Hateras off white

  • Rails and all other wood is varnished bright

  • Floor is covered in SeaDek for easy kneeling

  • Four (4) eight foot spoon oars

  • Extra open oar locks to store when not in use

  • One set of plastic oar sleeves and matching oar lock, other set rubber



  • Shock cord through handle and around mast to “wedge” in place at any height

  • Tape on rudder to indicate when daggerboard is protruding from bottom of boat


  • Waterproof cover with Sunbrella rope hem around cover

  • Indoor outdoor carpet covers for rudder, tiller, daggerbord, 

  • Sunbrella sail bag for use with sail on boom

  • Sunbrella bags for all 4 oars.


  • All aluminum

  • Spare tire

  • Leaf springs

  • Carpeted bunks

  • All lights work

  • Bearing buddies




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RE: 17' CLC Northeaster Dory and Trailer for sale in Central Texas

   Is the boat still for sale? Where is she located and what are you asking

RE: 17' CLC Northeaster Dory and Trailer for sale in Central Texas

I think there is another person asking and I will try to figure out how to reply eo him (also-- Keith?) 

 Yes it is still for sale, asking $3,500, I know people have transported boats like this, although I'm not familiar with how to do it...Here's some pictures although I have a lot more if you like to see them.


Please advise if this link worked.  
Also, here is my email ID if you would like to communicate directly.


RE: 17' CLC Northeaster Dory and Trailer for sale in Central Texas

If you ever have an inkling that you will be in New England in the future, please contact me. I'm afraid Texas is just too far away for me to buy a boat.    It looks like a honey. Good luck.                                                     





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