Two CLC sail rigs for free in NW Chicago

Note to potential buyers:

I have two sail rigs that I built about 20 years ago, and haven't used in about 15 years.  Stored inside, they are dusty but should be solid.

One is configured for a stich and glue boat with flat panels, the other for a strip built.  Both might require cutting off the adaptor piece and epoxying on a new one.  Masts are a little whippy but light.  Sails are not very good.  I cut polytarp, and they are far to stiff for this size boat.  I have solid mahogony daggerboards for both and dutch tillers with strip built rudders.

They outriggers themselves are fair.  I was never satisfied with the deck/hull joints.   Ugly but functional.  Badly need sanding and varnish.

Each set is largly complete, but I suspect you will need some minor hardware and of course modifications to your boat.  I can provide documentation of what I did to mine, your milage may vary.  

They did work, although in high winds the centerboards want to kick up and when I really got going the bow started to pull under at high speed.   Windward performance was poor, but that is largly because of the sails.  

I consider them fully depeciated, so I'll give them away to people who will use them.  I'm located in the far north west suburbs of Chicago.



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