Teardrop camper

Note to potential buyers:

Is there any interest in purchasing a fully-outfitted camper? My new girlfriend says she's not getting in it. :-)   If anyone is interested I can post more info about it along with some pictures.

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RE: Teardrop camper

I'm always trying to convince myself that I might be willing to buy a teardrop camper, but I'm most likely not your buyer.  I'm guessing that location is a limiting factor for most buyers, though - can you let us know roughly where the camper is?  The early odds seem to favor Oregon given your screen name.

RE: Teardrop camper

  Based soley on my own experience these teardrop campers sell pretty regularly and fast.  I've been looking for about 4 months and realize I may have to travel quite a bit.  You really should dive in and post photos, description, weight, and location IMHO,


RE: Teardrop camper

   The reason she's not gettin' in it has nothin' to do with the camper.  It's cuz she knows the last girlfriend did (get in it)!  :)

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