For Sale: Eastport Sailing Pram

Note to potential buyers:

For Sale: Eastport Pram with sailing kit/equipment,  Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) Eastport Pram.   New build, never sailed or wet!  Okoume Marine Plywood hull, with fiber-glassed and marine painted bottom/hull, varnished stem and stern panels, as well as varnished daggerboard and tiller and rudder. Also varnished seats and cockpit trim, and painted cockpit sole. Varnished 6.5 ft. flat oars and bronze oarlocks.  Sailing equipment includes 10’ painted mast, 7’ 2” painted spars/booms, line and cordage, and 39 sq. ft. dacron sail.   See: following my photos. and attached CLC descriptive sheet for the Eastport Pram.  (Current CLC Pram has 42 sq. ft. sail)

New Kit  prices:

Eastport Pram hull kit                     $1165

Eastport Sailing  component kit  $1080.

Oars       (est.)                                     $250

Addl. Materials (est)                           350

Epoxy, paint, varnish sandpaper, brushes, handles, etc.

Total  Cost (WITHOUT LABOR)   2845

SALE PRICE                   $ 2000.

CALL FRED    410-745-5376       Easton, MD

email:,  to request photos

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