PT11 for sale in NC

Note to potential buyers:

I built this PT11 in 2016, sold it to a friend, got it back in 2020 and refinshied it back up to excellent condition once again. She has been on the water maybe a total of 20 times and sailed perhaps only 6 of those times. Carbon spars, sail, and lines look like new. Renamed Happy Dance and with decals depicting Calvin and Hobbes on a white hull. Very minor scratches from use have been painted over on the bottom and inside full varnish. This boat was made right to the plans with almost everything glassed and I mean everything (per plans). Comes with a great pair of Shaw and Tenny 7foot 6inch spoon oars that look like new. Foils look like I just finished them last week. 75 pics can be shared with you on Google drive I'll post link to a few here. Asking $4500 or best offer. I'm located near Raleigh NC. 


photo locations just as soon as i edit this and figure out how to add the links - sigh

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RE: PT11 for sale in NC

   well I can't figure out how to edit my post:

here's my email account:

here is links to a couple of photos


RE: PT11 for sale in NC

   I have long had an interest in the PT11 design. I have been an avid sailor for all but the first 5 years of my 77 yrs. I recently had to part with my precision 185 no longer being able to step the mast solo. I want to continue sailing and the PT11 seems to fit my requirements exactly. 

RE: PT11 for sale in NC

   It does look like I now have this one sold locally as the handoff is Wednesday the 27th. I'll post sold after that. I can build you one ( RagSailor1) or others. Private email for specifics if interested. I've built one of these PT11's and 18 other wooden sailing/rowing small craft. Got an Iain Oughtred Auk and Humble bee presently being built in the shop - row only at this poingt unless I receive a request to make one to a sailboat building on speculation.. Dean

RE: PT11 for sale in NC SOLD

Sold the boat locally - thanks Dane!   

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