FORSALE Mill Creek Tandem

Note to potential buyers:

This is a wood kit built kayak from CLC, its is a fiberglassed Mahogany and Teak plywood core. Two compartments one bow and one stern for dry storage. Rated for 500+lb capacity. Length is 16.5' and width is 34" cockpit is 22"x87" weighs about 50lbs and I can move around myself with 2 straps. I am selling this as I do not have proper storage for it as planned out indoors and am not happy storing it outside. Currently it is stored indoors but can not stay there long term. The kayak was recently stripped of varnish down to the epoxy and redone. I have used it a couple times with my son but sadly the storage issue is too much. I have 2 replacement seats that I use which are comfort kayak seats from Surf to Summit, alone they were 350.00. Can assist in local delivery or meeting for purchase.  Hull is Matterhorn White with a varnished deck.  The inside is painted a dark blue. All new strapping was installed and latches.  I bought the boat from the original builder who stored it in his garage its whole life also.

Asking 2600.00 with the seats included.

I am located in Central NJ but do travel and can assist in the transport for a sale. 

You can call or text 732+770+9625 or PM me here



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RE: FORSALE Mill Creek Tandem


thanks for any info you can  supply.  i'm in  W  PA...and  i'm   in the  market  now...


1/ do  you  cartop  this  kayak, or  use  a  trailer ?

 2/  how do the  sea to summit  kayak  sets  fit  in, do they  attach to the  hull some  how?  

3/  does  this  kayak  have any  built  in  flotation in the  event of a  flip ? i  notice  no  skirts  like  whitewater  kayakers  have  for  doing  eskimo  rolls.. 


i'm  looking  for a  kayak  for  me   +  1  other  person,   or  me  +   one 40  pound   dog. i   flat water  paddle  only , at  my  age  no more  rolls&   no  more   whitewater..  

what i buy   must  be  car-toppable on  my  roof   rack...  






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