Annapolis Wherry Tandem w/ Trailex

Note to potential buyers:

We have a beautiful example of a Chesapeake Light Craft Annapolis Wherry Tandem for sale. It was lovingly crafted by its owner and found he was unable to use it due to an issue with his wrists that prevented proper rowing technique. It has only seen water a handful of times.

It has a white hull with satin finished interior. All seats and rails are finished in a high gloss varnish. The owner added Mahogany seats and oarlocks to allow rowing with standard oars. The Breasthook was hand carved and it flows beautifully into the inwales. It is sitting on a Trailx SUT 250 Trailer for easy transport. Included with the boat are Dehrer Carbon Hatchet Blade Sweeps as well as a set of Spruce 8 foot standard oars. Also included is the Piantedosi Sliding Seat Rowing Unit along with the Folding seat for a passenger.

Price is $5900


Photos can be seen here:

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