Sellers be aware

If you are selling as a cash only deal be sure to count out the money first thing. 

Do not assume the correct amount is there even with a cash band is around  it.

I recently had this happen and caught the "mistakes" in two cash bands.... fortunately the buyer's friend  who was picking up the boat just happened to have that exact amount in his wallet so the transaction was able to take place .

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RE: Sellers be aware

   I would call the buyer the following day and ask if his "friend" told him about the shortage?  if not then he's no friend 

RE: Sellers be aware

  I don't want to get involved with that , I only want others to be aware of the crooked scammers out there , especially the ones putting all the time into building them.

I do find it interesting that after posting a want add on here , then trying to get me to take a non refundable deposit on the boat , trying to get me to accept electronic payment,  then an attempt to swindle me out of $600.00 he now has the boat up for sale on this site , after owning it for a week .

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