Shearwater Sport for sale, Northern Colorado

Note to potential buyers:

Hello, everyone.

I started a kit some years ago. Shearwater Sport. For a time, hardships got in the way, and afterward, I never generated the momentum to complete the project. It's at a stage right now where it is mostly stitched, but no epoxy has been applied. The edges are beveled.

I bought the kit for I think $1100. I'd like to get at least 300 for it. It's been taking up space in my garage for too long. I'd like to have that space back.

Thanks for your consideration. Since replies don't seem to generate notifications here, if you're interested, call me or text to 970-481-1407.


John Wood

PS, if I can't sell it, I'll try to finish the build, but if you're local and experienced at these things, I'd be grateful for any help.

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