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Looking for used 17' Northeast Dory on east coast. Thanks. Paul

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RE: used boat

Might have something of interest:  Not used NE Dory, per say, but an unfinished NE Dory just waiting for someone more motivated than I seem to be.

The hull is glued-up with a coat of epoxy that needs to be sanded down & refinished.  Thwarts & rudder are cut & sanded to shape.  Lug rig, tanbark sails.

Boat is in Washington, DC.

RE: used boat

   I've never done much woodworking.  How much time would you say needs to be put in?  Also, how much would you sell it for? :)


RE: used boat

   I'm in Baltimore, and crazy enough to want a rowboat. Can you post a picture?   Price? 



RE: used boat

Not sure about policy on crosslinking but assuming it's good, here's a link to the Craigslist ad I ginned up the other day:

It's got some photos & background.

NB - I have all the mast blank bits including the template, just didn't photograph them.  Can send photos.



For C-Rock:  Not sure about hours req'd, TBH.  I think that would depend on one's experience / comfort with finishes & if one has a dedicated space in which to work.

RE: used boat

   I have a fully-equipped, trailered, Northeaster Dory for sale in Alexandria, Va.  Built about 8 years ago, but lightly used - maybe 12 times total in the inland bays at Bethany Del.  Included is base kit boat, lug sail component, kick-up ruddder, SUT 250 Trailex trailer, Weathermax cover, 8 ft oars.  I also built a cradle that fits on top of the trailered boat and hold oars, spars, basically everything boat need to go on the water.  Boat and all is in good shape, needling at most a bit of bottom paint.  Total cost to me is $4853 for whatever I bought from CLC plus additional costs for my extras.  I would like to get half of that amount.  Email at

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