NE Dory with Lug Rig and Trailer for sale - Asking $6000

Note to potential buyers:

located in just outside Gainesville, FL

I never thought I'd reach this point, but I'm posting my NE dory for sale due to some major life events. I'm pricing my beloved craft below the cost of the kit and accessories, hoping someone will appreciate the deal. 

I'm working too much now to be able to sail her. She will need some TLC - the exterior of the hull is in great shape - bottom and first lap are treated to a coating of epoxy and graphite - brick red painted above that to just below the rail. Rail and interior down to the first lap are not painted, but will need some fresh urethane - I'm happy to include what I have in the sale(I think I have 1.5 quarts). I also have some cans of Interlux brightside that I will happily include(offwhite and blue)

Built in 2014, sailed often and wherever I could tow her. The trailer received new tires, bearings, wiring,and lights last year and is in excellent condition. 

The dory was built before the scuppered inwale kit was an option - I designed and added my own.


Northeaster Dory

Lug Rig and Sails

Trailex Trailer

pair of spoon oars(with Gaco Oarlocks)

pair of straight oars


rigging has been updated with blocks and camlocks to run the lines aft

CLC boat cover

Photos available on the FB listing -



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RE: NE Dory with Lug Rig and Trailer for sale - Asking $6000

   Price reduced to $5200 

RE: NE Dory with Lug Rig and Trailer for sale - Asking $6000

   If boat is still available, could you please text me pics at 843-830-6604? Thanks. Paul


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