Expedition Wherry for Sale

Completed and quite seaworthy.  Sliding seat, dolly, or trailer not included.  Includes pair of 7 1/2' Barkley Sound wooden oars, built-in mast step, 3 1/2' aluminum leeboard, and custom leeboard slot.  Boat is in Pennsylvania.  Contact bkurlancheek@gmail.com .

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RE: Expedition Wherry for Sale

Interested with a few queations:

Were you planing a sail/rig outfit with the leeboard etc but not completed?

Where in PA are you located?

Asking price?

Any pics?



RE: Expedition Wherry for Sale

   Hi Eric - to answer your questions...

1.  Yes, I was considering adding a sailing rig, but never did.

2.  Wilkes Barre area - northeastern Pennsylvania near I-80 and I-81.

3.  Asking $895

4.  Unable to load pics onto CLC's site; email me at bkurlancheek@gmail.com and I'll send you pics.

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