Annapolis Wherry Tandem for sale

Note to potential buyers:

I built the Annapolis Tandem Wherry half way until my shop (and tools and 80% of everything I owned) was flooded by Hurricane Sandy in late Oct 2012.  The boat was up on saw horses so it was not affected.  I eventually finished the boat with the help of friends over the next two years.  I rowed it 3 or 4 times up north in NJ.  I've moved to Florida and the boat has been outside.  I've tried rowing it but there were issues with the length of the oars, the height of the seat, blah blah.  So it's been sitting outside. The sun here in SW Florida has done a number on it.  And I haven't used it much at all.  I have photos of the boat when it was finished in 2015-16 but that would not be fair to use.  The boat needs a LOT of TLC.  Mostly sanding off the varnish on the inside and Petit paint on the outside. 

I'm in Punta Gorda Florida.  That's 30 miles north of Ft Meyers and 35-40 miles south of Sarasota.  So there's that.  I have a Hawaiian racing canoe that gets most of my free time anyway.  I'm looking for a quick sale.  It will be sold with or without the Row Wing / Gary Pantedosi setup.  I will also sell the C2 carbon oars with hatchet big blades.  The boat is set up for one rower.  You can change that but it was easier for me to just have one station.

I'll sell the boat alone for $1000. firm and with the oars and drop in rowing unit for $750.   If you're interested email me at and I'll tell you about the oars, lenght and reason for all the adjustments. TMI for this post.  I can deliver within 100 miles, but not much further.  Boat has two watertight compartments with access hatches under the fore and aft decks.  I started a cover but never finished that.  If I were to finish sewing it up and you want that also add $250. 

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO POST PHOTOS!  IT'S ASKING FOR URLS??  email me and I'll send photos if you're interested.

by the way, this is not my first boat build. It was #9....#10 if you count the cradle rocker (turned into a "rocking rowboat" eventually).   First CLC boat was the NE dory, second the Peace Canoe ( in fact I was making the Peace Canoe model for CLC for a while, until the flooding) then the Annapolis Tandem wherry. And currently making Nick Shade's "Coot" strip planked dingy)

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