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Note to potential buyers:

I have too many boats! They were too much fun to build, so I have decided to sell my sailboat, the Chesapeake Light Craft “Skerry.” She is a 15’ catboat in very good condition including sails, rigging, and Harbor Freight trailer.  The rubrails are mahogany and I am including a “firehose” rubrail cover as an option you can re-install.  Non-slip floor mats, building and instruction manual, and Davis “Windex” windvane are included.  I have installed a small storage hatch.  The original sail design had the sail permanently attached to the mast.  I modified it by adding a cheek block and halyard—in my opinion, safer and more convenient.  Pictures may be found at:

Sacrificing for $3,000.00.

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RE: Skerry for Sale

I could not access teh photos with the link supplied. (?) Where are you (and the Skerry) located?


RE: Skerry for Sale

I’m sorry I did not get back to you sooner.  Anyway, this boat has been sold.   

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