Pair of unfinished Annapolis Wherry kits for sale

I started building two Annapolis Wherry boats with a buddy back in 2014, life got in the way and we have both now lost interest in the projects.  Both boats are at the stage where the next step in the plans is to start glassing the interior.  We finished filleting all the seat and bulkhead pieces in and stopped there.  I have all the pieces, the fiberglass, one set of unopened MAS epoxy kit (if it is still good, it was stored in climate controlled environment).  These were our first attempts at building a boat, so there are some rookie mistakes, but I don't think there is anything other than minor things that might create a little more cleanup work with epoxy.  If there is any interest, I will post pictures.  I don't really know what these are worth, I expect to sell them at some discount of the kit price since you are getting a boat in an unknown to you state.  Again, I will provide detailed pictures if interested.  Make me an offer.  I would prefer to sell both, but I understand you may only want one of them. 

I also have two new in the box drop in rowing seats that will be sold together or separately from the boats if the boats sell.  If I can't sell the boats, I will just keep the seats and hope that I will one day regain some interest.  

I am located near Columbus, GA.  I would be willing to deliver or meet halfway within a reasonable distance.  Meaning for the right offer, I might go as far as Annapolis.


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