Anyone willing to lend/rent their Dory/yawl/wherry for a photo shoot? NJ shore

I'm am looking to borrow and or rent a rowing vessel for a photo shoot for myself and wife. I wanted to build a kit but haven't had the time. We are looking at locations in Southern NJ (south of long beach island) for an hour photo shoot in November. I know this is a long shot but the community here seems tight knit and helpful. Preferably the Dory/yawl would have a white exterior but honestly grey, green, navy or black exteriors would work. Red would be last resort. Spaced inwales would be a bonus. Message me here or shoot me an email at jays_hobbyshop I'd be willing to pickup/drop off or meet at location. If anyone knows a business or if clc will rent a boat for the day please contact me.

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