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I finished my PocketShip in October of 2015.  Here's my building blog and, full disclosure, I damaged it a year later but it is fully repaired.  Details are in the blog.  You can see some recent pictures of the boat here.  In the cabin shot you may notice some loose white wires.  Those are "temporary" speaker wires.  I had planned to mount speakers up front but that meant precise drilling of several holes in the anchor well, and I never got up the courage.  The speakers are lying on thick rubber mats and sound fine.  There is also a bit of black wire loom with a couple wires sticking out.  Those lead to the rear of the cabin for the eventual installation of speakers back there.  The boat is in good shape and sails very nicely.  Water inevitably gets into the bilges, so I have installed two automatic bilge pumps.  The boat includes a complete electrical system with 75 amp-hour battery and solar panel that keeps it charged up.  I put around $14,000 into the basic production of this boat.  Please make me an offer as I have no idea what its sale value might be.  BTW, I am purchasing an 18' pocket cruiser, the Malbec-18.

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RE: PocketShip for sale

   I should add a few comments.  The plans and manual, with all my comments, are included.  Also the spinnaker sheet blocks, which I have not mounted, are included.  John tells in the PocketShip forum where to mount them so they will meet the backing blocks.  Even though I don't always leave the mainsail bent on (it is in the bag now) I always install the sail cover to protect the mast varnish.  One would not want to revarnish that very often.  As to the other brightwork areas (e.g., rubrails and companionway slides) I have had to re-varnish them.  But now I am experimenting with a UV-proof epoxy that has held up very well for over a year in the sun on my camper storage box,  It is on the Pocketship's exposed brightwork (except mast and tabernacle) and is doing very well also.  Not quite as smooth to the touch as sanding and varnishing but looks very nice.  I will leave all the electronics in place including entertainment radio and a VHF, which I don't really need, but I added it when I was planning to do some sailing on Lake Michigan.  There is also a Victron battery monitor, which you can download an app for.  The pictures I put on my Google Drive are now available to the public.

RE: PocketShip for sale

Is your boat still for sale? I’m not a builder but enjoy restorations. I have a Skimmer 25 and a Herreshoff Eagle, both in beautiful shape and with ready to go trailers. I would be interested in discussing a trade  either would involve me also including cash  





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