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Hi there!

My name is Lorraine, and my uncle recently passed away. In his passing, he left me his cherished Chesapeake Kayak 17. He purchased his kit in 1999, and he spent years meticulously building it before he became ill. I've been in contact with CLC, and they have the purchase documented, so I can prove authenticy if requested. As beautiful as this boat is, I unfortunately do not have the space to store it. I don't mean to attach a story to this boat -- I just want to be completely transparent!

This kayak is virtually brand new -- he was never actually able to use it and simply tested it to make sure it was up to his (perfect) standards. I reviewed it closely, and there are absolutely no flaws. I have pictures from every angle, but I can't figure out how to upload them here. I'll attach my email at the bottom for anyone who would like to reach out so I can send photos. Or, if you comment your email address below, then I can email you that way, too. Or if there's another way that's easier that'd be great! I apologize -- I'm not familliar with this site just yet.

I also have a new Thule car mount that can fit any car with rails on the top that I will include with purchase. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, and I'd be happy to drive the kayak anywhere within a somewhat reasonable distance (I'm not scared of driving!). Otherwise, I can see about how to ship it somewhere.

I'm flexible on pricing, and, to be honest, I don't know exactly how much completed kits sell for. I would really appreciate anyone's insight on this or strictly respectful offers.

If you or anyone you know would love this kayak, or if you have any questions, then please feel free to message me. My email is Thank you for your time!

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RE: Chesapeake Kayak 17 For Sale




caroline  412-889-6578    i  am  in  pittsburgh,  and  i'm very   interested.  my  constraint  is that  i  need a  kayak  that w ill hold  both  me and  my  40#  dog in  life  vests. i have a roof  rack  on  my  subarau (use d to  carry  2  50#  windsurfing  boards  single  handed ,)   so the  clc   kayak  should  be  OK...)  may  i  come  by  some time  ?  i'm  in  squirrel  hill.i  have  2  othr  clc-s,   the  east  port  pram which  needs a  2nd  person to  load   car  top ,    and the  skerry  a  16  ft  boat  that  needs  a  trailer. 


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