Beautiful Skerry Sailing and Rowing

Note to potential buyers:

I am offering for sale, my beautiful highly modified Skerry.

Mods include but not limited to:

Open mahogany Gunwales, fitted floor boards.  custom oversize sprit sail with cringles and hand ropped edges, mahogany thwart, fancy rope work, cambered forward and aft decks, hidden fillets, hollow birdsmouth mast and spars, handmade wooden cleats, The rudder and daggerboard have imbeded lead weigh cast in them, the tiller connects to the ruder with a metal universal joint, etc etc.

I am including the trailer, oars, rope fenders, sail/rigging pretty much everything you see in the pictures.

The boat is located a bit east of Albqureque, NM

Click the link below to see pictures of the finished boat and pictures of the build.  I am a very particular builder and all of the mods are well thought out and expertly done..

I am asking $4000.00

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RE: magnificent job on ; Beautiful Skerry Sailing and Rowing

what a  magnificent  job  you  did  with  the  ropework  and  the  custom  floorboards  !  i  wish  CLC  offered  plans  for  these.   for  alas,  my  little   workshop  would  be  totally   incompetent  to  build  the  floorbords  and  finish  them the  way  you  have for  my  little  skerry.... 

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