Northeaster Dory for Sale (Baltimore / DC area)

Note to potential buyers:

Hi all!

I am selling my wonderful NE Dory, built in 2016 straight from plans.

  • Construction is all Okoume with oak thwarts.
  • I have a self-designed folding rudder, which works wonderfully and gives a bit more 'bite' in the light wind or heavier wind situations.
  • I have also reinforced the bulkhead/stays attachment point as well as the mast step.
  • The Dory is set up marconi style with a great set of sails sewn by Douglas Fowler up in Ithaca, NY.
  • Oarlocks in one rowing station, complete with oars (I have another set of locks if you want).
  • Dark (sea) hunter green with white interior and varnished sheer/top plank. Is it a concors-quality paint job? No, but it is not bad at all. 
  • Some builder's measurements left on some wood pieces and promply epoxied and varnished over...for nostalgia and to let you know it really is from plans, heck. One area where 4" of blue tape got caught in epoxy; smoothed and embalmed for life ($100 discount applied).
  • Full rigging lines.
  • No damage history.
  • I can deliver it within 90 miles of the Baltimore area; we may have to work out a fuel cost or what-not.
  • Boat is in a hangar at Martin State Airport (KMTN); let me know if you desire to see it, there.
  • No trailer, unfortunately; I need it for other boats.
  • Why am I selling? I have lots and LOTS of boats. I build many. I simply can only be in one at a time. I love this one, and am sad to part with it.
  • Asking price: $2200 

Message me if you require more details and so forth. Pictures to be found in this Google album:


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RE: Northeaster Dory for Sale (Baltimore / DC area)

I assume you have probably sold this by now, but let me know if it is still on the market.  I would be interested.  Thanks!

RE: Northeaster Dory for Sale (Baltimore / DC area)

   Is this sold?

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