Mill Creek 15 for Sale

Boat located in central Ohio, gently used always placed in the water before entering and never beached. Used for fishing, exploring, and work outs on flat water. $600

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RE: questions re: Mill Creek 15 for Sale?

how much does the  15  weigh ?  

I  found  the  13  and  the  16.5 in  CLC  data  banks,   but  could  not  find    the  15.  


is  your   15  one  where  a  dog  or  small  kid   could  ride  in  front   of the  paddler?  the  16.5  looks  like it  could  handle  extra  passengers  but the  13  doesnt..

 i'm  in  western  pa  and  have  a CLC  skerry  with   trailer that  would fit a  mill  creek   for  transport..




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