Re: Anybody build a Matun

Posted by George K on Mar 22, 2008

The rocker is actually more than it appears. I don't think it would be a problem going down a steep face, all depends on how good you are at a bottom turn, I suppose. I compared it to a Mega 9'6" and it was about the same. Since it's a foot shorter I would think it would handle waves as well, maybe better.

As far as building it, it's all S&G, no steaming and the deck is assembled in two forms. The hull doesn't need forms as it takes the correct shape when wired together. There are a few parts that require fiberglass reinforced tape applied to the outside before bending just to ensure they don't break. The coaming riser, or TPMLTB (The Part Most Likely To Break) is one of those. I didn't have a problem bending it or any other parts. My only suggestion is to seal all parts with a thin coat of epoxy before applying the tape so the grain won't get torn up when removing all the tape if you're going for a bright finish. You will need a couple rolls of 1" tape to build this thing. It's a fun boat to build and one that I might have to build another someday.

I'll have the boat outfitted next month and will take it out for a surf with a few of my surfing buddies. I'll write a full report leaving out any embarrassing moments.

George K

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