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Posted by George K on Feb 19, 2008


Don't worry about it! Just differing densities or moisture content in the wood in the sheer clamps is going to give you a slight difference in weight. Did you weigh the sheer clamp material before assembly? I doubt it! And will the bevelling of both clamps be exactly the same? Probably not, unless you and your hand plane are a CNC type of perfection. Bottom line is it's going to be absolutely impossible to have the exact weight on both sides of the board. I've built and paddled two San O 14's and they both tracked perfectly straight. Those small inacuracies in weight aren't going to effect the performance of the paddleboard. Putting the fin on crooked will.

Enjoy the build!

George K

In Response to: Making sure of balance? by James Abell on Feb 17, 2008