Re: vcp hatches

Posted by Dave Houser on Jan 15, 2008

I am assuming CLC Ches 17lt building process is the same as when I built my standard 17 from plans a few years back. The rolling bevel on the shear clamps is planed to shape using a radiused template that matches the deck radius. That same template can be used to plane the top of a shim stack on the hatch recess. I found it easiest to attach the recesses to the shear clamps (and bulkheads at the day hatch) before installing the deck panels. You do want to glass the recess (in case you sit on the hatch sometime while re-entering) and that is easiest before they are attached to the boat. Undersized deck holes at the recesses provide some forgiveness in alignment while still providing access for clamps. My hatches were installed on a Point Bennett with a curved deck in the front and a flat aft deck so the picture here will be different from the CLC building sequence.

In Response to: Re: vcp hatches by Alan O'Neill on Jan 14, 2008