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Posted by George K on Jan 15, 2008


You kind of have to visualize the angles the bottom panels are going to be at different points along the way. That is, for most of the bottom there is only a slight "V" which increases as you get out towards each end. 45 degrees is too much in the middle and about right at the ends. 10 degrees or so is fine for the midlle few feet and increase the bevel as you go out. It's not that critical anyway as you're going to fill any gaps with epoxy thickened with wood flour and round over the joint before glassing.

As far as how much thickend epoxy, I've never measured the thickness. A half mm seems excessive. Just spread a thin coat on both surfaces using a disposable bristle brush and be prepared to clean off the squeeze out when you clamp them together.

Would like to see some pics when you get any!

George K

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