Re: Shearwater builders

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Jan 10, 2008

Darryl, I'm looking for pictures of people's builds as mentioned in my first email. I know most finished kayaks look the same. I have built a ton of different projects and seeing pictures of of how people built their specific kayaks sure helps, it answers a lot of questions and can minimize mistakes and problems. Seeing your photos helped me see how the deck is modified for the hatches. Also your pictures showed me a completely different way to secure a hatch. So your link helped a lot, answered a few questions but also raised a few questions.

Everyone has their own little ways to customize their kayak so that is what I'm looking for.


P.S. Kit??? I love woodworking so I would rather buy just the plans and build the entire kayak from scratch.

In Response to: Re: Shearwater builders by Darryl on Jan 9, 2008