Re: hiding puzzle joints

Posted by Bob Santore on Jan 10, 2008

I don't know why they bother me, but they do, so you're not alone!

I think it's the same reaction I get when I look at those impossible cloverleaf dovetail joints that you can only make with fancy router jig setups.

Although I think kits make a lot of sense in terms of time and materials, I'd be more likely to wait for plans for subsequent builds just for that reason.

I've never been bothered by scarf joint setup, and always felt a little extra info on panel alignment would be all that is needed to take any worry out of it. I know CLC has commented in the past that scarf joint alignment generates a lot of calls and angst among first time builders, so I do understand why they looked for an alternative. But, . . . eh, just not my cup of tea I guess.

* wears a "happy to scarf" campaign button *

In Response to: hiding puzzle joints by David S. on Jan 9, 2008