Re: MC 16.5

Posted by CLC on Dec 31, 2007

The Mill Creek 16.5 has nearly 9 feet between bulkheads, a long span with a lot of three-dimensional shaping going on in that space. The shapes of the panels are in turn influenced by the stiffness and humidity of the sheer clamps. So you get variation. You'd have to build a complete jig or use a lot of forming bulkheads to complete zero out any variation.

We've built dozens of the Mill Creek kits in classes and have always paid close attention to the fit of parts, since we get a call once in awhile about one part or another. We were never able to replicate a hanging knee or bulkhead misfit in the shop, so it didn't make sense to change them.

The hanging knees are just there to support the cockpit carlins, not influence hull shape. If your fit is wonky, a few moments with rasp or saber saw will fix them.

In Response to: MC 16.5 by Tom P on Dec 31, 2007