Re: MC 16.5

Posted by Doug Arndt on Dec 31, 2007

Tom, are you building the kit or from plans ? The kit and the plans are not the same, so be aware of that if you try to compare measurements. Also, if memory serves correct, the front knees are not the same as the rear, be sure you are using the right ones. See if reversing them fits better. I don't recall them being an issue, but then, maybe i didn't look close enough. I also have the same gap between the bulkhead and the deck. I'm thinking it may have to do with wrapping a strap around the deck and the hull, and with the extra sticking out the sides, caused a more rounded shape. We haven't done the deck on my brothers boat yet, so we'll try some blocks on the side and see if that helps.

In Response to: MC 16.5 by Tom P on Dec 31, 2007