Re: MC 16.5

Posted by Jeff on Dec 31, 2007

Hello Tom, I am just finishing a MC16.5 build from plans and had similar issues, especially with the bulkheads. I ended up making a pattern and then going from that instead of the plans. But still the curvature of my forward bulkhead radius was not tall enough to reach the deck after that was installed (without severe distortion). I ended up adding a filler strip to bridge the gap from bulkhead to the bottom of deck after all was assembled. I would like to think the plans are accurate and that my assembly skills are just a little bit off, but there are just some many variables.

My knee/hull angles were ok, and I anticipated some issues so I cut them long/tall. If you have already cut them out, I would say “make them fit”. I don’t think they necessarily need to be as tall as the plans call for. The basic function is to support the deck, so I would make sure they have a nice a fit to your sheer/bildge and that you have good surface area/angle for your deck and carlin to attach. If all of that is ok, then go for it.

My 2 cents… Good luck!

In Response to: MC 16.5 by Tom P on Dec 31, 2007