MC 16.5

Posted by Tom P on Dec 31, 2007

Hello, wondering what suggestions there may be for the fact that my hanging knees for the MC 16.5 aren't even close to fitting, anywhere, like they should. I will call CLC when they are open, but after reading How To Build A Kayak, the author had the same problem so I'm thinking this is a problem in their design. As was the case with placing the bulkheads where the drawing and directions showed---way off. I'm certain that the kayak has taken proper shape and that is not the problem---it actually looks very good at this point for this rookie kayak builder. Thanks as usual for all of your help. Regarding the knees, not only are they short, if they are matched up properly to one edge of the hull, say the top, it will extend way out on the bottom edge of the hull and vice versa. Happy New Year Tom