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Posted by James Abell on Dec 30, 2007

OK thanks people, I understand, I need a caffeine fix in morning too. I also didnt explain it properly with the names of pieces.

Ive made lots of those C clamps made from drainpipes cut up and have some metal c clamps too. Thanks for advice on enough resin, I will make sure I use enough, I realise these sheer clamps are an important part of the structure and need to be sound strength and bonding.

Most of my resining will have to be done in the cold garage using the heating method recomended with the worklamps.

However, I will be able to use the warm kitchen area for up to the stage of gluing the sheer clamps. There is some cold weather on its way here so may have to just get to the stitching stage and wait till a warmer spell, shouldnt be too long, we get 'warm' windy atlantic fronts moving across this part of the world even mid winter.

Im sure I will post some more questions sometime soon but I think this first stage seems to be the bit I didnt understand, the rest looks ok for now, thanks!

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