Re: San O Help, sheer cla

Posted by OOPS on Dec 30, 2007

You are correct, the sheer clamps should match the curve of the side panels. That's one of the reasons you need a lot of clamps (c-clamps, spring clamps, PVC pipe clamps, etc.). Most people will use a clamp about every 6 inches/15 cm. You don't need too much clamp pressure, just enough to hold the sheer clamp in place (too much pressure will squeeze out too much epoxy). To avoid an excessive mess by epoxy smearing around while you are clamping, use pencils or dowels (or something) to keep the middle and far end of the sheer clamp off the side panel. The pencil will reduce the amount of smeared epoxy, but not eliminate it. When you have finished clamping, go back and clean up. While you are doing your clean up, look at the joint between the sheer clamp and side panel. There should be epoxy squeezed out all along the joint. If there isn't a bead of squeeze out, the joint probably didn't receive enough epoxy goop and the joint might not be as strong as it could be. Then it is your decision whether or not to unclamp everything and reapply thickened epoxy. A small section with no squeeze out isn't a big deal, a large section is. If you borrow the pencils, make sure you clean them too.

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