Re: San O Help, sheer cla

Posted by theo on Dec 29, 2007

The triangular cuts on the ends of the sheer clamps are the scarf joints if they are not the length of the side panels already. They must be joined with thickened epoxy to become as long as the side panels before you glue them to the sides and they should be straight after they are glued. If you're going to paint the side panels rather than varnish then either side is outside AS LONG AS THE TWO SIDES ARE MIRRORED as you say; two left sides would be disaster...or another order from CLC for two new side panels which is costly! Always best to dry fit, no glue, to see how things will go, if you wish, lay masking tape to control any glue squeeze-out. Rubber gloves and apron and have at it; good luck and have fun.

In Response to: San O Help, sheer clamps by James Abell on Dec 28, 2007