San O Help, sheer clamps

Posted by James Abell on Dec 28, 2007


I am about to glue the sheer clamps to the side panels of the San O. One thing is that I notice the side panels curve in profile on top, what is the best way to bend the sheer clamps so they are flush with this side panel curves? Do I just try to bend the clamps slightly and then clamp it in place bit by bit? This will surely cause a lot of mess with the resin? I suppose I will have to clear up afterwared.

Also, I presume that the sheer clamps join together at the centre by the triangular cut in them at the end of each? Its kind of not really clear in the instructions.

Also, how do I tell which is the right side to glue the side panels and also bottom? Or can I decide this myself? As long as the two sides are mirrored?

Many thanks, I dont want to botch anything.