Re: wood duck 10 stern is

Posted by Eric Schade on Dec 24, 2007

Two things may help...

When wetting the wood, drape HOT towels over the wood, get the wood good and wet, and as hot as possible...but do not burn the wood or your self!

On my first 10 footer prototype the stern was really tough to do, You have an improved version. I used all possible means to persuade it into place and got it pretty good.

One of the most useful things I did was to put some large spring clamps so that they pinched the bottom panels. lots of wire had some effect as well. I think I also used some scrap wood, clamps and straps to force things into place. I do not think I have a photo, I will check and post it if I find it later.

On my prototype, I ended up with a 1/4" gap that I just filled with epoxy and called it good enough. If you are willing to paint the hull or just the bottom panel, this should work well enough as long as you are happy with the overall shape.

The transom you have which has curved sides makes twisting the bottom panel a little easier than my prototype triangualar transom. You MUST have the transom in as you wire the stern together.

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