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Posted by Laszlo on Dec 24, 2007


The pieces are all described in the manual. In the version 1.1 manual they are on page 5. In the newer manuals, there's an even better drawing which Kim posted to this forum back in November. But just in case you lost your manual:

First, there's the hatch spacer - it's the large open, "thin" oval. The inside opening of this piece defines the hatch opening in your boat.

Next, there's the hatch sill - it's the large open, "thick" oval. It's what the hatch cover rests on. When everything is correctly assembled, inside the boat you have deck, spacer and sill, in that order.

The small solid oval is the hatch stiffener. It is meant to be mounted centered on the hatch cover.

Finally, the small open oval is the hatch rim. It is meant to mount on the top surface of the sill. That's described in the manual after the cockpit coaming is done.

And just for completeness, the hatch cover is very carefully cut from the deck.

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