Re: Prosthetic for a rudd

Posted by LeeG on Dec 22, 2007

Dusty, the Seaward K2 places the rudder into a reinforcing slot. You could easily glass up a foil shape on the K2 with an extension forward like in the watertribe photo above. I did that with an older Necky aluminum rudder. It's worth calculating the required area first. The problem with the kayak rudders is that less than 1/2 the rudder is in the water.

IIRC there was a very large Seaward rudder mounted on the Chesapeake Double w. sailrig. using a mount on the side with through hull screws.

Making a rudder flip up on deck effectively makes the rudder about 6" longer(or 6" shallower in the water) and require a reinforcing slot below. By sticking with a pivot off the stern the rudder won't flip on deck but it keeps it simple and stronge.

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