Skerry 1 week build?

Posted by Steven Harris on Dec 22, 2007

Hi! I'm contemplating taking one of the Skerry building classes offered at the WoodenBoat school up in Maine. I see from the course offerings that one can build the complete skerry hull in one week. I'm very curious to know how much additional work would be required to get one sailing in a skerry after that, and if it would be even remotely possible (by working 14 hours a day or somesuch) to completely build it during that time? The reason I ask is I have very limited space for a shop at home. I understand one needs to let things dry etc., and that there are additional pieces to work on (rudder, etc.) so it would no doubt be a challenge. I'd be VERY curious to know what those of you who have taken the skerry building class have to say about this, as well as those of you that have built one at home.


Happy holidays, and may you have a fair wind and following sea?

PS I'm a fairly experienced woodworker (built a barn and partially framed a house), and I used to be on the sailing team in college (too long ago), if this makes a difference.