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Posted by CLC on Dec 21, 2007

>>>>>>>>Thanks for all the replies on this but I'm still at the starting line. CLC does provide plans for a rudder with the SailRig plans but it is really a very simple and limited design. The lack of features such as kick up make launching a very wet affair and presumably limits the use of the SailRig to warm temperatures.>>>>>>>>>

Well, the sailing rudder suggested in the SailRig plans DOES kick up, just not remotely from the cockpit. (This could be arranged, however.) For sailing off a beach it works great. Having rotated through about four rudders in the process of working up the SailRig MKII, I found that one to handle the best. However, about 80% of the testing was with the stock Feathercraft rudders and that's what's in most of the photos. The Chesapeake Triple later got a larger blade in the standard Feathercraft rudderhead fitting and that worked fine. We haven't managed to break it yet, six or seven years on.

Here I am with a Feathercraft K2 rudder in about 20kts of wind:

CLC SailRig

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