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Posted by David Warren on Dec 20, 2007

I used Tassie oak (Eucalyptus Regnans - not sure if that's the same as the California variety mentioned above) for gunwales on my Sassafras canoe, and it was fine. Holds a fair curve, stable, stains any colour you want, and takes epoxy well. I can't think of a better wood for the aussie buck.

However, as you noted, it's heavier than cedar. On the other hand, it's a lot stronger, so you could get away with less of it. In these days of air-freight and ipods, we sometimes forget that traditional boat building involves using wehatever is local, and making it bigger, smaller, longer, or whatever, to take account of local variations.

You could also try Oregon (what the yanks call Douglas Fir)- it's much lighter, and relatively cheap, though typically only available these days in long lengths as recycled timber. Trade off (there's always a trade off) is that recycled meand old, and old means it can be fairly brittle (in comprison).

In short, if you are in Oz, and want 'strong', use Tas Oak. If you want 'light', use Oregon. Swings, roundabouts. If I was forced to chose, I'd pick Tas Oak... .

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