Re: Filleting joints....

Posted by LeeG on Dec 16, 2007

It's easy to overdo stuff. You'd be surprised how little epoxy it takes to hold things together until you fillet/glass things.

When making small batches of epoxy that only use a few pumps MEASURE the pumps. It's easy to assume that every pump is perfectly measured but they can burp after sitting a long time. 10cc syringes and 2oz plastic (not waxed paper) Dixie cups are nice for measuring/mixing small quatities.

When tacking between the wires you really don't have to make a continuous glue line over every wire. Stopping 1/2" before the wire will make wire removal neater.

There's no need to go overboard with sealing the exterior joint gap, save that after you plane/sand the exterior chine joint and see what's needed. For kits where the side/bottom panels are tapered (Shearwater,A.Hawk) to fit there's no filling required. On the Chesapeakes I made I started filling the exterior then ended up sanding it all off when rounding the chine.

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