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Posted by Joe M on Dec 16, 2007

It sure cannot hurt to wet out joints before fillet and even saturating wood before glassing so the dry wood is not competing with the fillets or glass for epoxy.

Some folks even wet out the hull before glass just to make sure there is no outgassing and if there is, better to find out before the glass is on and some feel wetting out the wood first makes outgassing less likely when the glass is put on and wet out. Yes also having the temps on the decline for curing helps. Also this 2 step approach to saturating the wood reduces dry spots in the glass.

Seems to me from reading all the boards the people who have built the most boats (and seen/experienced all the problems that can happen and be learned along the way) are the ones who purposely add time to the builds to ensure everything goes right.

I think I will not be in a hurry to see the end product, will take my time and not hesitate to add extra steps that help ensure a nice finished product.

Definitely agree here that a saturated hull is very important, just like the intergrity of transoms on large boats (what I am more accustomed to). If a hull is not saturated and later on there is a breach (even a pinhole), the unsaturated wood will suck up every ounce of water it can through wicking. If not a structural problem, at best will add a lot of unwanted weight.

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